Important Dates for Women in Massachusetts Government

1923: Sylvia Donaldson and Susan Fitzgerald are the first women elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives

1925: Edith Nourse Rogers begins her term as the first woman elected to Congress from Massachusetts, she serves until 1960

1935: Representative Mary Livermore Norris Barrows (R-Melrose) is the first woman to chair a committee, the Committee on Pensions and Old Age Assistance

1937: Sybil Holmes (Brookline) is the first woman elected to the Massachusetts State Senate

1973: Senator Mary Fonseca (D-Fall River) is appointed as the first female Senate Majority Whip

1979: Representative Iris Holland (R-Longmeadow) is the first woman appointed to leadership within the House as House Minority Whip

1985: Representative Joan Menard (D-Somerset) is the first woman appointed Assistant House Majority Whip

1987: Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Murphy becomes the first woman elected to statewide office in Massachusetts

1989: Senator Mary Padula (R-Lunenberg) is the first Republican woman appointed to Senate leadership as Assistant Minority Whip

1996: Select Senate Committee to Study the Contribution of Women to the Government of the Commonwealth is released on March 8

1998: Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women is established by the legislature

1999: Shannon O'Brien is elected as the first female Treasurer and Receiver General of Massachusetts

2001: Jane Swift is the first woman to step into the role as acting Governor

2006: Martha Coakley becomes the first female Attorney General

2007: Senator Therese Murray (D-Plymouth) becomes the first female Senate President

2010: Suzanne Bump is elected as the first female State Auditor

2013: Elizabeth Warren is sworn in as the first female federal Senator for Massachusetts


Women Elected to the Massachusetts Legislature: 1923 - Present

1. Representative Susan Walker Fitzgerald 1923-1924 Twenty-Second Suffolk (Resident of Jamaica Plain)

2. Representative M. Sylvia Donaldson 1923-1930 Ninth Plymouth (Resident of Brockton)

3. Representative Harriet Russell Hart 1925-1926 Thirteenth Essex (Resident of West Lynn)

4. Representative Florence Seaver Slocomb 1927-1930 Nineteenth Worcester (Resident of Worcester)

5. Representative Martha Nutting Brooks Brookings 1927-1930 Sixteenth Essex (Resident of Gloucester)

6. Representative Marion Cowan Burrows 1929-1932 Eleventh Essex (Resident of Lynn)

7. Representative Emma Brigham 1929-1936Sixth Hampden (Resident of Springfield)

8. Representative Mary Livermore Norris Barrows 1929-1938 Twenty-Second Middlesex (Resident of Melrose)

9. Representative Mollie Sweetser 1933-1936 Eighteenth Middlesex (Resident of Reading)

10. Representative Katherine Parker 1935-1936 Ninth Worcester (Resident of South Lancaster)

11. Representative Katherine Foley 1935-1938 Third Essex (Resident of Lawrence)

12. Senator Sybil Holmes 1937-1938 Norfolk and Suffolk District (Resident of Brookline)

13. Representative Susan Donovan 1939-1944 First Suffolk (Resident of East Boston)

14. Representative & Senator Leslie Bradley Cutler 1939-1948 House; 1949-1968 Senate Sixth Norfolk (Resident of Needham)

15. Representative Catherin Falvey 1941-1944 Twenty-fourth Middlesex (Resident of Somerville)

16. Representative Margaret Spear 1941-1950 Fifth Middlesex (Resident of Newton)

17. Representative Florence Cook 1943-1946 Twelfth Suffolk (Resident of Roxbury)

18. Representative Alyce Louise Schlapp 1943-1946 Fourth Essex (Resident of Methuen)

19. Representative Fannie Buzzel 1945-1948 (Resident of Hudson)

20. Representative Martha Ware 1951-1956 Fourth Plymouth (Resident of Abington)

21. Representative Irene Thresher 1951-1960 Fifth Middlesex (Resident of Newton)

22. Representative Gladys Crockett 1953-1954 Ninth Worcester (Resident of Upton)

23. Representative Mary Newman 19534-1954; 1959-1970 Second Middlesex and Norfolk (Resident of Cambridge)

24. Senator Mary Fonseca 1953-1984 Second Bristol (Resident of Fall River)

25. Senator Elizabeth Stanton 1953-1960 Third Worcester (Resident of Cedar)

26. Representative Edna Telford 1955-1960 Ninth Norfolk (Resident of Plainville)

27. Representative Freyda Koplow 1955-1967 Tenth Norfolk (Resident of Brookline)

28. Representative Bessie Murray 1957-1958 Eleventh Worcester (Resident of Northborough)

29. Representative Beatrice Keene Corliss 1959-1964 Second Essex (Resident of Gloucester)

30. Representative Julie Gilligan 1961-1968 Thirteenth Essex (Resident of Lynn)

31. Senator Janet Starr 1963-1968 Twenty-third Middlesex (Resident of Belmont)

32. Representative Katherine Kane 1965-1968 Third Suffolk (Resident of Boston)

33. Representative Eleanor Campobasso 1965-1978 Twenty-fifth Middlesex (Resident of Arlington)

34. Representative Marie Elizabeth Howe 1965-1988 Twenty-fourth Middlesex (Resident of Somerville)

35. Representative Ann Cole Gannett 1969-1980 Thirty-eighth Middlesex (Resident of Wayland)

36. Representative Mary Fantasia 1971-1978 Eighth Middlesex (Resident of Somerville)

37. Representative Barbara Gray 1973-1996 Fifty-sixth Middlesex (Resident of Framingham)

38. Representative & Senator Lois Pines 1973-1978 House; 1987-1998 Senate Thirteenth Middlesex; Second Middlesex and Norfolk (Resident of Newton)

39. Representative Doris Bunte 1973-1985 Seventh Suffolk (Resident of Roxbury)

40. Senator Anna Buckley 1973-1988 First Plymouth (Resident of Brockton)

41. Representative Iris Holland 1973-1991 Second Hampden (Resident of Longmeadow)

42. Representative Elaine Noble 1975-1978 Sixth Suffolk(Resident of Boston)

43. Senator Karen Swanson 1975-1978 Fourteenth Plymouth (Resident of Brockton)

44. Representative & Senator Carol Amick 1975-1977 House; 1977-1989 Senate Fifth Middlesex (Resident of Bedford)

45. Representative Genevra Counihan 1975-1978 Fortieth Middlesex (Resident of Concord)

46. Representative Mary Goode 1975-1978 Tenth Suffolk (Resident of Roxbury)

47. Representative Elizabeth Metayer 1975-1985 Fifth Norfolk (Resident of Braintree)

48. Representative Caroline Stouffer 1977-1978 First Plymouth (Resident of Hingham)

49. Senator Sharon Pollard 1977-1982 Third Essex (Resident of Methuen)

50. Representative Saundra Graham 1977-1988 Fourth Middlesex (Resident of Cambridge)

51. Representative Mary Jeanette Murray 1977-2001 Third Plymouth (Resident of Cohasset)

52. Representative Paula Lewellen 1977-1978Fifth Middlesex (Resident of Bedford)

53. Representative Deborah Cochran 1979-1982 Eleventh Norfolk (Resident of Dedham)

54. Representative Mary Jane Gibson 1979-1993 Twenty-sixth Middlesex (Resident of Belmont)

55. Representative & Senator Joan Menard 1979-2000 House; 2001-2011 Senate Fifth Bristol; First Bristol and Plymouth (Resident of Somerset)

56. Senator Patricia McGovern 1980-1992 Second Essex and Middlesex (Resident of Lawrence)

57. Representative Ellen Canavan 1981-1988 Thirteenth Norfolk (Resident of Needham)

58. Representative & Senator Lucile Hicks 1981-1990 House; 1991-1996 Senate Thirteenth Middlesex; Fifth Middlesex (Resident of Wayland)

59. Representative Susan Schur 1981-1995 Twelfth Middlesex (Resident of Newton)

60. Representative Marie Parente 1981-2006 Tenth Worcester (Resident of Milford)

61. Representative Frances Alexander 1983-1991 Sixth Essex (Resident of Beverly)

62. Representative Eleanor Myerson 1983-1991 Eleventh Suffolk (Resident of Brookline)

63. Senator Mary Padula 1983-1991 Second Worcester and Middlesex (Resident of Lunenburg)

64. Representative Marilyn Travinsky 1983-1991 Sixth Worcester (Resident of Southbridge)

65. Representative & Senator Susan Tucker 1983-1991 House; 1999-2011 Senate Second Essex and Middlesex (Resident of Andover)

66. Representative Barbara Hildt 1983-1993 First Essex (Resident of Amesbury)

67. Representative Susan Rourke 1983-1993 Nineteenth Middlesex (Resident of Lowell)

68. Representative Mary-Louise Kehoe 1983-1995 Eleventh Norfolk (Resident of Dedham)

69. Senator Linda Melconian 1983-January 2005 Second Hampden and Hampshire (Resident of Springfield)

70. Representative Mary Jane McKenna 1983-1993 First Worcester (Resident of Holden)

71. Representative Patricia Fiero 1984-1991 Fifth Essex (Resident of Gloucester)

72. Representative Augusta Hornblower 1985-1994 First Middlesex (Resident of Groton)

73. Representative Roberta Goldman 1985-1987 Eleventh Worcester (Resident of Shrewsbury)

74. Representative Carme Buell 1985-1993 Second Franklin (Resident of Greenfield)

75. Representative Suzanne Bump 1985-1993 Fifth Norfolk (Resident of Braintree)

76. Representative Marjorie Clapprood 1985-1991Eighth Norfolk (Resident of Sharon)

77. Representative Jacqueline Lewis 1985-1999 Eighth Plymouth (Resident of Bridgewater)

78. Representative Gloria Fox 1985-2016 Seventh Suffolk (Resident of Boston)

79. Representative Patricia Walrath 1985-2009 Third Middlesex (Resident of Stow)

80. Representative Barbara Gardner 1987-2001 Eighth Middlesex (Resident of Holliston)

81. Representative & Senator Shannon O'Brien 1987-1993 House; 1993-1995 Senate Second Hampshire and Second Hampden and Hampshire (Resident of Easthampton)

82. Representative Carol Cleven 1987-2002 Sixteenth Middlesex (Resident of Chelmsford)

83. Representative Shirley Owens-Hicks 1987-2006 Sixth Suffolk (Resident of Boston)

84. Representative Lida Harkins 1989-2011 Thirteenth Norfolk (Resident of Needham)

85. Representative & Senator Marian Walsh 1989-1992 House; 1993-2011 Senate Tenth Suffolk, Norfolk and Suffolk (Resident of Boston)

86. Representative Nancy Hasty Evans 1991-1996 Thirteenth Middlesex (Resident of Wayland)

87. Representative Mary Rogeness 1991-2009 Second Hampden (Resident of Longmeadow)

88. Senator Nancy Sullivan 1991-1992 First Middlesex (Resident of Lowell)

89. Representative Sally Kerans 1991-1995 Thirteenth Essex (Resident of Danvers)

90. Representative Susan Tracy 1991-1995 Nineteenth Suffolk (Resident of Brighton)

91. Senator Jane Swift 1991-1996 Berkshire District (Resident of North Adams)

92. Representative Marianne Brenton 1991-1997 Twenty-third Middlesex (Resident of Burlington)

93. Representative Janet O'Brien 1991-1999 Fifth Plymouth (Resident of Hanover)

94. Representative & Senator Pamela Resor 1991-1999 House; 1999-2008 Senate Fourteenth Middlesex; Middlesex and Worcester (Resident of Acton)

95. Representative Carol Donovan 1991-2004 Thirty-third/Thirtieth Middlesex (Resident of Woburn)

96. Representative & Senator Patricia Jehlen 1991-2005 House; Fall 2005-present Senate Thirtieth Middlesex and Second Middlesex (Resident of Somerville)

97. Representative Barbara Hyland 1992-2001 First Bristol (Resident of Foxborough)

98. Representative Ellen Story 1992-2016 Third Hampshire (Resident of Amherst)

99. Representative Althea Garrison 1993-1995 Fifth Suffolk (Resident of Dorchester)

100. Representative Karen O'Donnell 1993-1995 Tenth Middlesex (Resident of Waltham)

101. Representative Marsha Platt 1993-1995 First Worcester (Resident of North Grafton)

102. Representative Valerie Barsom 1993-1996 Thirteenth Hampden (Resident of Springfield)

103. Representative Donna Fournier Cuomo 1993-1999 Fourteenth Essex (Resident of North Andover)

104. Representative Evelyn Chesky 1993-2001 Fifth Hampden (Resident of Holyoke)

105. Representative Nancy Flavin 1993-2003 Second Hampshire (Resident of Easthampton)

106. Senator Cheryl Jacques 1993-2004 Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex (Resident of Needham)

107. Representative Mary Simmons 1993-2004 Fourth Worcester (Resident of Leominster)

108. Representative Christine Canavan 1993-2014 Tenth Plymouth (Resident of Brockton)

109. Senator Therese Murray 1993-2014 Plymouth and Barnstable (Resident of Plymouth)

110. Representative Anne Paulsen 1993-2006 Twenty-fourth Middlesex (Resident of Belmont)

111. Senator Dianne Wilkerson 1993-2008 Second Suffolk (Resident of Boston)

112. Representative Linda Teagan 1995-1996 First Plymouth (Resident of Manomet)

113. Representative Charlotte Golar Richie 1995-1999 Fifth Suffolk (Resident of Boston)

114. Representative & Senator Harriette Chandler 1995-2000 House; 2001-Present Senate Thirteenth Worcester, First Worcester (Resident of Worcester)

115. Representative Cele Ferner Hahn 1995-2003 Fourth Hampden (Resident of Westfield)

116. Representative Maryanne Lewis 1995-2003 Eleventh Norfolk (Resident of Dedham)

117. Representative Colleen Garry 1995-Present Thirty-sixth Middlesex (Resident of Dracut)

118. Representative Shirley Gomes 1995-2006 Fourth Barnstable (Resident of Orleans)

119. Representative Kay Khan 1995-Present Eleventh Middlesex (Resident of Newton)

120. Representative Harriett Stanley 1995-2012 Second Essex (Resident of West Newbury)

121. Representative Geraldine Creedon 1995-2012 Eleventh Plymouth (Resident of Brockton)

122. Representative Rachel Kaprielian 1995-2008 Twenty-ninth Middlesex (Resident of Watertown)

123. Representative Ruth Provost 1997-2002 Second Plymouth (Resident of Sandwich)

124. Representative Susan Pope 1997-2006 Thirteenth Middlesex (Resident of Wayland)

125. Representative Kathleen Teahan 1997-2006 Seventh Plymouth (Resident of Whitman)

126. Representative Alice Wolf 1997-2012 Twenty-fifth Middlesex (Resident of Cambridge)

127. Representative & Senator Gale Candaras 1997-2006 House; 2007-2014 Twelfth Hampden; First Hampden and Hampshire (Resident of Wilbraham)

128. Senator Susan Fargo 1997-2012 Third Middlesex (Resident of Lincoln)

129. Representative Liz Malia 1998-Present Eleventh Suffolk (Resident of Boston)

130. Representative Nancy Caffyn 1999-2001 Third Barnstable (Resident of Mashpee)

131. Representative Ronny Sydney 1999-2001 Fifteenth Norfolk (Resident of Brookline)

132. Senator Jo Ann Sprague 1999-2004 Norfolk, Bristol and Plymouth (Resident of Walpole)

133. Representative Ruth Balser 1999-Present Twelfth Middlesex (Resident of Newton)

134. Senator Cynthia Creem 1999-Present First Middlesex and Norfolk (Resident of Newton)

135. Representative Kathi-Anne Reinstein 1999-2014 Sixteenth Suffolk (Resident of Revere)

136. Representative Cheryl Coakley-Rivera 1999-2014 Tenth Hampden (Resident of Springfield)

137. Representative Cory Atkins 1999-2018 Fourteenth Middlesex (Resident of Concord)

138. Representative Elizabeth Poirier 1999-Present Fourteenth Bristol (Resident of North Attleboro)

139. Representative & Senator Karen Spilka 2001-2004 House; 2005-Present Senate Seventh Middlesex, Second Middlesex and Norfolk (Resident of Ashland)

140. Representative Deborah Blumer 2001-2006 Sixth Middlesex (Resident of Framingham)

141. Representative Marie St. Fleur 2001-2011 (special election) Fifth Suffolk (Resident of Boston)

142. Representative Patricia Haddad 2001-Present Fifth Birstol (Resident of Somerset)

143. Representative Karyn Polito 2001-2011 Eleventh Worcester (Resident of Shrewsbury)

144. Representative & Senator Anne Gobi 2001-2014 House; 2015-Present Senate Fifth Worcester, Worcester Hampden, Hampshire & Middlesex (Resident of Spencer)

145. Representative Jennifer Callahan 2003-2011 Eighteenth Worcester (Resident of Sutton)

146. Representative Susan Williams Gifford 2003-Present Second Plymouth (Resident of Wareham)

147. Representative Mary Grant 2003-2011 Sixth Essex (Resident of Beverly)

148. Representative & Senator Barbara L'Italien 2003-2011 House (special election); 2015-2018 Senate Eighteenth Essex, Second Essex and Middlesex (Resident of Andover)

149. Representative Alice Hanlon Peisch 2003-Present Fourteenth Norfolk (Resident of Wellesley)

150. Representative Joyce Spiliotis 2003-2013 Twelfth Essex (Resident of Peabody)

151. Representative & Senator Jennifer Flanagan 2005-2009 House; 2009-2017 Senate Fourth Worcester, Worcester and Middlesex (Resident of Leominster)

152. Representative & Senator Linda Dorcena Forry 2005-2013 House; 2013-2018 Senate Twelfth Suffolk, First Suffolk (Resident of Boston)

153. Representative Martha Walz 2005-2013 Eighth Suffolk (Resident of Boston)

154. Representative Virginia Coppola February 2006-December 2006 (special election) First Bristol (Resident of Foxborough)

155. Representative Denise Provost 2006-Present (special election) Twenty-seventh Middlesex (Resident of Somerville)

156. Representative Willie Mae Allen 2007-2011 Sixth Suffolk (Resident of Mattapan)

157. Representative Linda Dean Campbell 2007-Present Fifteenth Essex (Resident of Methuen)

158. Representative Sarah Peake 2007-Present Fourth Barnstable (Resident of Provincetown)

159. Representative Pam Richardson 2007-2011 Sixth Middlesex (Resident of Framingham)

160. Representative Rosemary Sandlin 2007-2011 Third Hampden (Resident of Agawam)

161. Representative & Senator Katherine Clark 2009-2010 House; 2011-2013 Senate Thirty-second Middlesex, Middlesex and Essex (Resident of Melrose)

162. Representative Lori Ehrlich 2009-Present Eighth Essex (Resident of Marblehead)

163. Representative Jennifer Benson 2009-Present Thirty-seventh Middlesex (Resident of Lunenburg)

164. Representative Carolyn Dykema 2009-Present Eighth Middlesex (Resident of Holliston)

165. Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante 2009-Present Fifth Essex (Resident of Gloucester)

166. Representative Danielle Gregoire 2009-2010; 2013-Present Fourth Middlesex (Resident of Marlborough)

167. Representative Kate Hogan 2009-Present Third Middlesex (Resident of Stow)

168. Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz 2009-Present Second Suffolk (Resident of Boston)

169. Representative Denise Andrews 2011-2014 Second Franklin (Resident of Orange)

170. Representative Gailanne Cariddi 2011-2017 First Berkshire (Resident of North Adams)

171. Representative Kimberly Ferguson 2011-Present First Worcester (Resident of Holden)

172. Representative Denise Garlick 2011-Present Thirteenth Norfolk (Resident of Needham)

173. Representative Sheila Harrington 2011-Present First Middlesex (Resident of Groton)

174. Representative Rhonda Nyman 2011-2014 Fifth Plymouth (Resident of Hanover)

175. Representative Shaunna O'Connell 2011-Present Third Bristol (Resident of Taunton)

176. Senator Eileen Donoghue 2011-2018 First Middlesex (Resident of Lowell)

177. Representative Keiko Orrall 2011-2018 Twelfth Bristol (Resident of Lakeville)

178. Representative Tricia Farley-Bouvier 2011-Present Third Berkshire (Resident of Pittsfield)

179. Representative Leah Cole 2013-2015 Twelfth Essex (Resident of Peabody)

180. Representative Marjorie Decker 2013-Present Twelfth Middlesex (Resident of Cambridge)

181. Representative & Senator Diana DiZoglio 2013-2018 House; 2019-Present Senate First Essex (Resident of Methuen)

182. Representative Claire Cronin 2013-Present Eleventh Plymouth (Resident of Easton)

183. Representative Carole Fiola 2013-Present (special election) Sixth Bristol (Resident of Fall River)

184. Representative Mary Keefe 2013-Present Fifteenth Worcester (Resident of Worcester)

185. Senator Joan Lovely 2013-Present Second Essex (Resident of Salem)

186. Senator Kathleen O'Connor Ives 2013-2018 First Essex (Resident of Newburyport)

187. Representative RoseLee Vincent 2014-Present (special election) Sixteenth Suffolk (Resident of Revere)

188. Representative Christine Barber 2015-Present Thirty-fourth Middlesex (Resident of Somerville)

189. Representative Kate Campanale 2015-2018 Seventeenth Worcester (Resident of Leicester)

190. Representative Michelle DuBois 2015-Present Tenth Plymouth (Resident of Brockton)

191. Representative Susannah Whipps  2015-Present Second Franklin (Resident of Athol)

192. Representative Hannah Kane 2015-Present (special election) Eleventh Worcester (Resident of Shrewsbury)

193. Representative Natalia Higgins 2017-Present Fourth Worcester (Resident of Leominster)

194. Representative Juana Matias 2017-2018 Sixteenth Essex (Resident of Lawrence)

195. Representative Joan Meschino 2017-Present Third Plymouth (Resident of Hull)

196. Representative Chynah Tyler 2017-Present Seventh Suffolk (Resident of Boston)

197. Senator Cindy Friedman 2017-Present Fourth Middlesex District (Resident of Arlington)

198. Representative Natalie Blais 2019-Present First Franklin (Resident of Sunderland)

199. Representative Michelle Ciccolo 2019-Present Fifteenth Middlesex (Resident of Lexington)

200. Senator Joanne Comerford 2019-Present Hampshire Franklin, and Worcester (Resident of Northampton)

201. Representative Mindy Domb 2019-Present Third Hampshire (Resident of Amherst)

202. Representative Nika Elugardo 2019-Present Fifteenth Suffolk (Resident of Boston)

203. Representative Tami Gouveia 2019-Present Fourteenth Middlesex (Resident of Acton)

204. Representative Kathleen LaNatra 2019-Present Twelfth Plymouth (Resident of Kingston)

205. Representative Christina Minicucci 2019-Present Fourteenth Middlesex (Resident of North Andover)

206. Representative Liz Miranda 2019-Present Fifth Suffolk (Resident of Boston)

207. Representative Tram Nguyen 2019-Present Eighteenth Essex (Resident of Andover)

208. Senator Rebecca Rausch 2019-Present Norfolk, Bristol, and Middlesex (Resident of Needham)

208. Representative Maria Robinson 2019-Present Sixth Middlesex (Resident of Framingham)

209. Representative Lindsay Sabadosa 2019-Present First Hampshire (Resident of Northhampton

210. Representative Alyson Sullivan 2019-Present Seventh Plymouth (Resident of Abington)

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