Task Forces and Working Groups

The Massachusetts Caucus of Women Legislators operates multiple task forces and working groups to dig deeper into specific issues that are facing women and girls throughout the Commonwealth. They are added or dissipated based on what Caucus members hear from the communities. Some of the task forces have been functioning for many years while others have just convened. 

Justice involved women task force

The Justice Involved Women Task Force was established over 20 years ago and is currently chaired by Rep. Kay Khan and Rep. Christine Barber. They collaborate with different organizations and individuals to understand how women experience the justice system, make policy recommendations to improve services to women and educate the legislature on the positive impact of gender-specific programming.

parental leave task force

The Parental Leave Task Force was established in 2015 and is chaired by Rep. Jen Benson. The purpose of this task force is to gain a better understanding of how different governmental entities and private businesses operate their paid parental leave policies. The hope of the task force is to make a policy recommendation to the Massachusetts Legislature that would encompass legislative employees. 

sexual assault working group

The Sexual Assault Working Group was convened at the end of 2016 and is chaired by Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier and Rep. Lori Ehrlich. Recognizing that sexual assault is a national public health crisis, and given the national media attention given to the issue, this group aims to bring all stakeholders to the table to work on legislation and better understand the issue.