The 2018 Election: Women in the Massachusetts Legislature

The Massachusetts Caucus of Women Legislators is pleased to announce that we will welcome fifteen new female legislators at the beginning of the 191st General Court! 

Women in Congress (2019)

  • Women hold 105 (19.6%) of the 535 congressional seats

  • 25 of the 100 Senate seats are held by women (25%)

    • Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren holds one of those seats

    • Of the 25 female Senators, 17 are Democrat and 8 are Republican

  • 102 of the 435 US House seats are held by women (23.4%)

    • Congresswoman Katherine Clark, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressely, and Congresswoman Lori Trahan of Massachusetts hold three of those seats

    • Of the 102 women, 89 are Democrat and 13 are Republican

Women in Statewide Offices (2019)

  • Women hold 86 of 312 statewide positions across the country (27.6%)

  • Massachusetts has four women in statewide offices at the Constitutional Officer level: Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito, Attorney General Maura Healey, State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg and State Auditor Suzanne Bump

  • 9 women are serving as Governor across the country and 15 women are serving as Lt. Governor

Women in State Legislatures (2019)

  • 2,112 (28.6%) of the 7,383 state legislative seats in the United States are currently occupied by women

    • 503 of 1,972 State Senate seats are held by women - including 11 out of the 40 State Senate seats in Massachusetts

    • 1,609 of 5,411 State House/Assembly seats are held by women - including 46 of the 160 House of Representative seats in Massachusetts

  • Massachusetts ranks #27 in the nation for women serving in state legislatures with just 28.5% -Nevada ranks #1 with 50.8% of their state legislatures being women

  • Did you know? Since 1971, the number of women serving in state legislatures across the United States has more than quintupled!

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All facts and statistics are adapted from the Center for American Women and Politics, Eagleton Institute of Politics, Rutgers University.

updated July 2, 2019